Honors U

AP U.S. History
Recommended Summer Work
Our course will move at a very accelerated pace! Consider
completing the following assignments during the summer in order
to get a jump on things. We will go over all of them in class
before the assignments are due and/or tests are given.
1 Go to the school library BEFORE THE LIBRARY CLOSES FOR THE SUMMER and
check out the AP US History book, American Pageant, 13th Edition. Read and
print out outlines for chapters 1, 2, and 3.
Note: outlines will be required for each chapter of the book. You may find them
online and print them out. Be sure to leave margins for notes on each side of the
page. It would be in your best interest to print out several chapters in advance.
One of the best websites for outlines is:
(or Google Course Notes and it will take you there)
2 Study US geography, especially the locations of all states, major cities, and main
physical features. There are maps on the front and back covers of your
textbook. Be prepared for a quiz within the first week of school.
3 Familiarize yourself with the presidents of the United States. You should know
all names, order, election year (s), and tenure. There is a list on pages A59A60 in the back of your textbook. Be prepared for a quiz within the first two
weeks of school. This quiz will be a blank outline that you will have to fill in.
4 Students must have an AP US History Exam Review Book. There are many review
books, and any good one is fine. Students prefer one that has practice tests but
also has nice chronological summaries of US history and important vocabulary
terms. Extra Credit will be given if you purchase United States History
Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination.
(Amsco School
5 Extra Credit will be given for History Day participation (not to exceed 5% of
the quarter grade for each quarter should you qualify to move on past the school
level of competition). If you choose to participate in History Day, there are
deadlines which must be met. It is highly encouraged that you to start your
research in the summer. You may work with students from Mr. Gull’s honors US
History class if you choose to do a group project. Our due dates will coincide
with his class. Please pick up a History Day Information packet from Mrs.