Homework 6

E. E. 520
21 October 2010
READ chapters 9 in
Probability, Statistics and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering, Third
Edition by Alberto Leon-Garcia, Prentice Hall, 2008.
Use the standard items indicated below to document your solutions to the
problems from the text below. Do not turn in your solutions. They will not be
graded. One of these problems or a variation of it will be the topic of a closed
book quiz on the due date.
1. Problem 9.5 in the text
2. Problem 9.15 in the text
3. Problem 9.24 in the text
4. Problem 9.31 in the text
5. Problem 9.42 in the text
6. Problem 9.51 in the text
As with all homework, quiz, test, and exam problems include a
complete problem statement, your approach to the solution of the
problem, key expressions used in that approach in which all variables
are defined, all the steps in the execution of your approach to the
solution of the problem, the results of your solution, and, of course, an
interpretation of those results or of the behavior of your design.
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