Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee Course Syllabus & Schedule

Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee
Course Syllabus & Schedule with Due Dates
This is an introductory course, which presents the principles, theories, vocabulary and
applications of the science of psychology. Heredity and environment, development of
personality, behavior, learning applications and life span development are discussed.
15 week Theory Class. Completely on-line No synchronous meetings are required.
Credit Hours: 3; Total hours of theory per semester 3; Total hours of lab for the
semester 0.
Prerequisites: None.
Instructor Name: Danna Martin Office: NCAT 314D NCAT 311 Classroom
Preferred Instructor Phone: Cell number (918) 756-8461
Office Hours will be posted on a separate power point within D2L next to this syllabus,
on my classroom and office door. Call my cell and I am happy to meet students year
round as needed.
Instructor's email: [email protected] It is easier to contact this instructor
and get a prompt reply using e-mail vs. phoning. *Please identify which class you are in
to get a more prompt and specific reply. During weekdays, students can generally have
their phone calls or e-mails returned within a 24 hour period.
Division Name: Arts and Sciences
Division Phone: (918) 293-4768 Fax: 918-293-4662 (Send needed verification here.)
Texts: Psychology, 7th ed. Davis & Palladino & Christopherson 978-0-205-84684-9
References: D2L On-line Study Guide for Psychology, Danna Martin
Materials: Notebook paper, pen, pencil
Uniform/Tools: None
Estimated Cost for Materials: Current OSUIT Bookstore cost approximately $85.00.
You may also check on-line to purchase hard copies of the textbook. It is
possible to rent an electronic version of textbook however the required
Respondus Lockdown Browser will prevent that electronic resource from
being accessed during the major exams whereas students may be able to
access their traditional textbooks.
Estimated Cost for Uniform/Tools: None
Upon completion of this course, students should:
Date Modified 9/4/2015
1. Describe the role of psychology in daily
human experience and list the goals of this 1. Internet Exercises, Examinations
social science.
2. Evaluate and synthesize major
approaches to psychology
2. Internet Exercises, Exams, Writing
3. Explain how biological processes,
especially activity in the brain and nervous
system affect behavior and states of
3.Demonstrations on-line, Internet
Exercises, Exams,
4. Describe the impact of heredity and
environment (nature vs. nurture) on
various aspects of human development
and behavior.
5. Apply principles of learning towards
management and understanding of
6. Describe how behavior is initiated,
energized and directed by motives and
4. Demonstrations on-line, Internet,
Exercises, Exams,
5. Tests, Writing Assignment
6. Exam, Internet Demonstration
In this course students are expected to budget at least than three hours of reading each
week. They are expected to check their e-mail and log into the D2L system at least
twice a week. They will apply the principles of psychology to every day experiences by
completing short writing assignments and participating on the D2L discussion board.
Grading Scale
A = 90.00 – 100.00
B = 80.00 – 89.99
C = 70.00 – 79.99
D = 60.00 – 69.99
F = 0.00 – 59.99
EVALUATION: - Grades will be based on the quality and completion of these tasks:
(Approximately 860 pts.)
D2L Orientation Quiz …………………20 points
This short quiz may be taken anywhere and doesn’t require a proctored site or a
password to access. Students should read this syllabus and the document, ACE THIS
COURSE before taking the MANDATORY orientation test on D2L. Attending the face
Date Modified 9/4/2015
to face orientation session on campus is optional. I want to make sure all students
understand how the course is laid out and what the requirements are.
Instructor’s D2L practice Quizzes 12 @ 10 points & 1 @ 20 points….....140 points
Students may take each untimed practice quiz once. No password is required and
students will see their responses with corrective feedback. Scores are automatically
transferred into the gradebook.
Writing Assignment 1 @ 100 points = 100 pts.
On D2L under “contents”, students will find detailed instructions on how to complete
the self-reflection paper “Who Am I?” or an alternative research project of their choice.
Detailed instructions, a grading rubric and the due dates are posted on D2L the very
first day of class. Students will always receive an e-mail confirmation their work has
been successfully uploaded into the drop box. A student saying they were unaware that
their work hadn’t been received will not justify a due date extension. All writing
assignments must have at least a 70% originality report to receive any credit. Generally
students can expect to receive specific feedback with a grade a one week period.
Please feel free to contact the instructor if you have questions.
TESTING 6 @ 100 points with the lowest test score dropped = 500 points.
Five Unit or Module Tests and one Cumulative Final- - - each is worth 100 points and
the lowest test score will automatically be dropped. All of the unit or module tests
consist of approximately 50 -60 multiple choice questions and there is a one hour limit
for each exam. Five grace minutes are allotted to wrap up one’s work. To prepare for
all of the unit exams, the student will greatly benefit from printing off this instructor’s
study guides posted on D2L and filling them out while reading through the textbook.
This will help the student be a more active reader and focus upon the key topics.
However, completing the study guides posted on D2L is not a required nor is it a graded
activity. Also students are responsible for the material presented in the Power Points
posted on D2L. These study guides will help you take the major tests confidently and
comfortably within the time limit.
The student may take these open book exams at home and Respondus Lockdown
Brower is required to open these exams. That free downloadable computer program
will prevent students from surfing the net or printing off exam copies. Also the instructor
has set up the tests so that no two students will be asked the same 50 questions or
questions in the same order. Students will be able to see only one question at a time
and should save all of their responses as they work through the examination. This is to
improve the integrity of this on-line course. The password to open up all the exams this
semester is INTEGRITY. When a student wishes to use OSUIT facilities such as the
Lasso Center or library, they may be asked to present their student ID before taking the
test. When a student completes the exam they will immediately see their test scores
which will be automatically recorded in the gradebook.
Discussion Board Questions 10 @ 10 points …………………………….100 points
Date Modified 9/4/2015
Deadlines, rules and the grading rubric for this activity are posted on the first day of
class. Students can expect their work to be graded within a week. If you think there is
an omission or error please bring it to the instructor’s attention.
Bonus Opportunities
A. 30 Day Challenge – 35 bonus points.
Bonus Writing Assignment describing a behavioral change program. Students must
follow the specific instructions posted on-line.
B. Evaluation of Course …….…………………….…5 bonus points
At the end of the semester each student will take a screen shot of their computer screen
which documents the fact they have evaluated this and other OSUIT courses. They
may also just cut and paste the screen’s information and upload it within a D2l drop box.
The specific feedback is never known or released to the instructor until the following
semester and cannot affect a student’s grade. It just provides valuable feedback to
improve courses.
Optional Resource (Non-Graded Activity)
Students may print of the instructor’s study guides and power points made available
on D2L and use them while taking their timed examinations. These resources will
greatly enhance your understanding of the material and most likely raise your grades.
According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, each student with a disability is
responsible for notifying the University of his/her disability and requesting
accommodations. If you think you have a qualified disability and need special
accommodations, you should notify the instructor and request verification of eligibility for
accommodations from the Office of Academic Accommodations/LASSO Center. Please
advise the instructor of your disability as soon as possible, and contact The LASSO
Center, to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations. Faculty have
an obligation to respond when they receive official notice of a disability but are under no
obligation to provide retroactive accommodations. To receive services, you must submit
appropriate documentation and complete an intake process during which the existence
of a qualified disability is verified and reasonable accommodations are identified. The
LASSO Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Noble Center. You may
call 918.293.4855 for more information or fax documentation to918.293.4853.
Academic dishonesty or misconduct is neither condoned nor tolerated at OSUOkmulgee. Any student found guilty of academic dishonesty or misconduct shall be
subject to disciplinary action. Academic dishonesty and/or misconduct includes, but is
not limited to, the following actions: (1) Plagiarism: The representation of previously
written, published or creative work as one’s own; (2) Unauthorized Collaboration on
Projects; (3) Cheating on Examinations; (4) Unauthorized Advance Access to Exams;
Date Modified 9/4/2015
(5) Fraudulent Alteration of Academic Materials; (6) Knowing Cooperation with Another
Person in an Academically Dishonest Undertaking. Students are required to actively
protect their work against misuse by others. For details, refer to The OSU-Okmulgee
Student Handbook available in the Office of Student Support & Development, each
Division office, and on-line http://www.osu-okmulgee.edu/handbook/.
STUDENT CONDUCT Students are expected to cooperate in maintaining an
environment conducive to learning and log onto D2L on a weekly basis during the
course’s duration. The student can see all assignments with their specific instructions
and due dates, their respective drop boxes, the entire semester’s grade book, and a
fairly current GPA total all throughout this course. Should the student have any
questions or problems whatsoever, it is their responsibility to contact the instructor and
express their concerns. I have an open door policy and want all of my students to be
successful. I will can arrange to meet with students year round.
Regular online participation is essential to the successful completion of this course.
The student is responsible for all material assigned. Students need to contact this
instructor if they are experiencing difficulty in completing the work. They should also
contact their instructor within a week if they do not see their submitted work credited in
the on-line grade book or a zero when it hasn’t been completed. .
Statement required for inclusion in all ONLINE course syllabi
Attendance Policy for Online courses:
A primary component of OSUIT's Mission is: “to prepare and sustain a diverse
student body as competitive members of a world-class workforce”. Regular and
consistent attendance not only aids in academic success, dependable
attendance is a requirement in today's real-world employment; therefore, regular
and consistent attendance is a requirement in all OSUIT courses.
Absent: Failing to actively participate in online coursework during a standard
week timeframe for a given course.
A. Students must demonstrate attendance through active participation in the
course at least once every seven days. Simply logging into the course does
not constitute active participation.
B. Active participation is defined as the completion of required activities such as:
1. Completion of online quizzes or exams
2. Submission of assignments
3. Participation threaded discussions, or
4. Involvement in discussion question as determined by the instructor
and indicated in the course syllabus.
Date Modified 9/4/2015
C. Calculations for weekly to percentage ratios
1. Missing 1 of 15 weeks = 6.67%
2. Missing 2 of 15 weeks = 13.33%
3. Missing 3 of 15 weeks = 20%
4. Missing 1 of 7.5 weeks = 13.33%
5. Missing 1.5 of 7.5 weeks = 20%
Early Intervention:
A. Any student, who misses 10% of an individual course (or earlier at faculty
discretion) during a regular fifteen-week semester, or the equivalent portion of
time in a shorter session, will have their name submitted by that course
instructor to the OSUIT Early Alert System for retention intervention.
B. At the point the Early Alert is issued, the student must meet with their
assigned faculty advisor or designated faculty/staff member within seven (7)
academic calendar days for counseling on how to improve their attendance
and academic success.
Excessive Absences:
A. The University reserves the right to administratively withdraw any student
from an individual course that misses 20% of that course, whether excused or
unexcused, and, in the opinion of the instructor, the student does not have a
reasonable opportunity to be successful in the course.
B. Students should be aware any of the following may impact their financial aid:
1. being administratively withdrawn from a course
2. dropping a course
3. their last date of attendance in a course
Please see OSUIT Policy 2-021 for full details and procedures
LATE WORK will NOT be accepted late unless the student faxes the necessary proof
of required military, jury service, is on a sanctioned OSU field trip, or there is a death or
hospitalization of someone within the immediate family. Having personal computer
problems is not an excuse for accepting late work. If a student experiences
computer or internet problems, they are expected to use another computer. They can
use a friend’s computer or go to a public library. They should seek help and advice
from the OSUIT technical staff at 918-293-4700 during regular business hours.
Due dates for homework and tests are located in D2L the first day of the semester.
Students may work ahead of the schedule but they cannot fall behind. Students
are also are strongly urged to not wait until the last day of a cycle to take their
tests or submit their work!
Date Modified 9/4/2015
There is one important exception regarding computer technical difficulties. Should a
student actually be in the process of taking a test, and lose internet connection, the
instructor using the D2L tracker will be able to see when the test was taken and how far
they progressed if they have saved their answers all along the way. If this happens
please let the instructor know. The test might be reset by the instructor depending upon
the circumstances or the grade may be based upon the percentage of questions
Missed exams will NOT be allowed or accepted late unless accompanied by a
written excused absence for an OSU sponsored field trip, required mandatory military
or jury duty, or a death or hospitalization within one’s immediate family. Documentation
should be faxed to 293-4662 which is the division’s number.
Please note: The instructor will drop every student’s lowest test score. A 0! Has
been place in the grade book where the cumulative final score is. That 0! indicates that
your final exam score has already been dropped and allows you to understand your true
current total GPA from the very first day of the semester. Each student can decide
whether they want to take the final or not. Should they take the final exam, the 0!
Currently listed there in the grade book will be immediately replaced by the actual score
earned. The final can only help raise one’s GPA since the lowest test score is
completely dropped and not average in.
It is the responsibility of each OSUIT student to read, abide by and maintain a copy
of the syllabus for this course. Syllabi are available on the OSUIT website.
Students understand that excerpts or portions of their work may be utilized for
institutional assessment purposes. The purpose of institutional assess is for verification
of student learning and program improvement. Every effort will be made to keep this
information confidential.
All the deadlines are found on D2L the first day of class under quizzes, in the
drop box area, and on the home page of the classroom. Although it is highly unlikely
due dates would change during the semester, the instructor reserves the right to make
changes if deemed necessary. If that were to occur, students would be given
notification through e-mail. Students are expected to look at their e-mail and visit the
on-line classroom at least twice a week.
Each assignment and cycle will end on the dates listed below. Students may work
ahead in this class if they have read the material. All due dates except for the
orientation quiz, work following school wide breaks, and during finals week will be due
on a Sunday by 11:45 P.M. Central Time.
Date Modified 9/4/2015
Week 1:
Unit 1:
There will be an optional face to face orientation session for on-line students in my
classroom NCAT 311 on Thursday 9-3-2015 between 11-12:30 and again on the same
day between 5-6 P.M. By Wed. 9-9-2015 at 11:45 P.M., all enrolled students should
have taken the mandatory 20 pt. D2L orientation quiz. If a student hasn’t participated
in the course by that time, the registrar and financial aids office will be contacted as
required by law. A hold could be placed on a student’s aid or they could be
administratively dropped. Please don’t let this happen to you! The last day of the
semester to add or drop a class and receive a refund is 9-8-2015.
Week 2:
By Sunday 9-13-2015 Read Chapter 1 - Introducing Psychology and Its Methods
Make your first posting on the discussion board (5 pts.), reply to two other postings (5
pts.) and take the chapter 1 Practice Quiz in D2L (10 pts.)
Week 3:
By Sunday 9-20-2015 Read “The Brain and Physiological Basis of Behavior” which is
posted on D2L. This reading assignment includes information about brain structures,
functioning, health, intelligence and abnormal psychology. Students will complete the 10
pt. practice quiz in D2L, then participate on the discussion Board 10 pts.
By Sunday 9-20-2015 the Unit I Test Ends 100 pts. This first test will test the
student’s knowledge of Chapter 1 and the summary entitled The Brain & Physiological
Basis of Behavior.)
Week 4: Unit II.
By Sunday 9-27-2015, Read Chapter 5 – States of Consciousness, then take the
chapter 5 practice quiz in D2L (10 pts.) Additionally read the short summary posted on
D2L entitled Important Drug Trends then take the related practice quiz (10 pts.)
Participate on the discussion board. (10 pts.)
Week 5:
By Sunday 10-4-2015 read the summary posted on D2L about the film entitled 1-2-3
Magic Child Discipline Program: Seeing the film is actually optional however you may
wish to check out this film from the OSUIT library. It is quite popular and found in many
county public libraries as well. Students will then take a 10 pt. practice quiz in D2L, then
participate on the discussion board. (10 pts.)
Week 6:
By Sunday 10-11-2015 the Unit II Test Ends 100 pts. (Chapter 5 and 123 Magic
Child Discipline.)
Date Modified 9/4/2015
Week 7
By Sunday 10-18-2015 11:45 P.M. Who Am I? Paper or Research Paper
Midterm 10-20-2015 Grades will be submitted to the registrar
Week 8
Unit III.
By 10-25-2015-2015 at 11:45 P.M. Finish reading read Chapter 6 – Learning (Classical
and Operant Conditioning and Cognitive and Social Perspectives on Learning) and
complete the chapter 6 practice quiz (10 pts.) and participate on the discussion board
(10 pts.)
By Sunday 10-25-2015 Optional Bonus Assignment Writing Assignment, 30 Day
Challenge Part 1 is due in the drop box for the instructor (5 pts.) Students will describe
and journal their behavior modification program utilizing the specific tools mentioned in
chapter 6.
Tip: Within the 3rd Module, read “Behavioral Change Cheat Sheet” to get ideas about
setting up your own program. *** Should a student wish to establish a plan of action
which deals with health/fitness, they may wish to read next week’s power point.
Week 10.
By Sunday 11-1-2015 read Chapter 7 Motivation and Emotion then take the Chapter 7
Practice Quiz (10 pts.) Additionally, students will take the 20 pt. practice quiz over the
Power Point entitled “Health, and Fitness.” Participate on the discussion board 10 pts.
Week 11.
By Sunday 11-8-2015 the Unit III Test Ends 100 pts. (Chapters 6 & 7)____________
Week 12.
By Sunday 11-15-2015, read Chapter 9 – Human Development across the Life Span.
Take the Chapter 9 Practice Quiz (10 pts.) Participate on the discussion board (10 pts.)
11-20-2015 is the last day to withdraw with a W from all OSUIT courses
Week 13.
By Sunday 11-22-2015, read Chapter 10 Sex and Gender then complete the Chapter
10 Practice Quiz (10 pts.) Then participate on the discussion board. (10 pts.)
Students will also read the very short summary of the popular book entitled, Five
Languages of Love written by G. Chapman which is posted on D2L. This book is often
Date Modified 9/4/2015
required reading within premarital counseling. Students may enjoy taking a quick
personal inventory. There will be several bonus questions regarding this short reading
assignment on the chapter 10 practice quiz. Additionally, some students may wish to
comment upon their findings on this week’s discussion board.
Also I have created an optional reading module at the bottom of the “Contents” Section
entitled “Marriage and Relationship Information.” I hope some of you will find this
By Sunday 11-22-2015 the Unit IV Test (over Chapters 9 & 10) Ends (100 pts.)
_____________________________________________________ ________________
Week 14. Unit V.
By Sunday 11-29-2015 read Chapter 11 Theories of Personality (Traits, Biological,
Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Social Cognitive, and Humanistic) take the chapter 11
Practice Quiz (10 pts.) Then participate on the discussion board. (10 pts.)
By Sunday 11-29-2015 The Optional Bonus Assignment, 30 Day Challenge Part 2 is
due (30 pts.) Students may describe their successes and challenges associated with a
behavior modification program started back when studying chapter 6.
Week 14.
Sunday 12-6-2015 Read Chapter 14 Health Psychology. (Stress and Illness, lifestyle
Influences and coping with stress.) Take the Chapter 14 practice quiz (10 pts.)
Participate on the discussion board. (10 pts.)
By Sunday 12-6--2015 Read the following summaries posted on D2L: Positive
Psychology & Happiness research, Factors Strongly Correlated with Happiness and
Factors Slightly Correlated with Happiness. Take the Happiness Practice Quiz (10 pts.)
Week 15.
By *Tuesday 12-8-2015 the Unit V. Test Ends (Chapters 11 & 14)_____________
The cumulative final is available until *Thursday 12-10-2015 and is optional if the
student has taken all of their exams. It is required only for those students who have
missed an exam. Taking the final can only help not hurt one’s GPA since the
lowest test score is dropped, not averaged in!  Before taking the final, it would be
wise to look over the final study guide which outlines the core competencies of this
course. Also looking over the power points and practice quizzes that the student has
utilized throughout the entire semester will help.
Date Modified 9/4/2015
By Thursday 12-10-2015, please drop box your screen shot demonstrating that you
have evaluated all of your OSUIT courses. Instructions about how to do a screen shot
are located near this syllabus within D2L. Also if you don’t know how to do a screen
shot, you can just cut & paste this verification into a word document and upload it into
the drop box. This is worth 5 bonus points.
The fall 2015 graduation ceremony will take place in Covelle Hall at 2:00 P.M. Friday
12-11-2015. Finalized grades will be submitted to the registrar’s office by the following
Tuesday. Please contact your instructor if you experience difficulty or have questions.
Please ask sooner than later! Students are the reason OSU hires faculty. It’s going to
be a great semester.
Date Modified 9/4/2015
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