Syllabus Quiz

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Math 97 Syllabus Quiz
This quiz is worth 5 points. It is due at the beginning of the 2nd day of class.
1. What is your instructor's name? _________________________________
2. Where is your instructor's office? __________________________
3. When are your instructor’s office hours?
a. 5-6 a.m. daily
b. 10:30-11:20 a.m. daily
c. Any time she feels like it
4. Which of the following are NOT required materials for this class?
a. Notebook paper
d. Straight edge
b. Graph paper
e. A compass
c. Scientific Calculator
5. What is the MINIMUM amount of time you should plan to spend on homework
for each class period?
a. 0 hours
c. 2 hours
b. 4 hours
d. 12 hours
6. When will late homework be accepted?
a. Always
b. In cases of natural disasters and traffic congestion
c. Never
7. What is the last day to withdraw from this class through registration?
a. July 4
b. November 12
c. December 25
d. January 1
8. Which of the following is NOT a help available to you on campus?
a. Math Lab in Building 7 (9-1:30 M-F, 5:30-8:30 p.m. M-Th)
b. Tutoring Center in Building 11b (call 566-6032)
c. Your instructor in Building 20
d. Video tapes in the library (Bldg 7) (check out or use there)
e. Joe's Mystical, Magical Math Answers in Building 32 (where IS building
32, anyway?)
9. Which of the following ARE allowed in class?
a. Cell phones that play funny songs when they ring.
b. Crunchy and smelly food
c. Beverages
d. Children (the louder, the better)
10. The percent-to-letter grade scale is on page ______ of your syllabus.