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COURSE: HPRS 2200 W1 – Pharmacology for Health Professions CRN 20657
COURSE DESCRIPTION: A study of drug classifications, actions, therapeutic uses, adverse effects, routes of
administration, client education, and calculation of dosages
Barbara Sanderson
Phone: office: NA
e-mail: per Blackboard course
Office: NA
Eckman, M., & Labus, D. (Eds.). (2009). Clinical Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy. 3rd Ed.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:
1. Categorize the classification of drugs.
2. Calculate drug dosages using Dimensional Analysis.
3. Identify therapeutic use, routes of administration, indications, contraindications, and adverse effect
of drugs.
Fundamentals of Pharmacology
Introduction to Drug Measures
Dosage Calculations using Dimensional Analysis
Peripheral (Autonomic) Nervous System Drugs
Central Nervous System Drugs
Cardiovascular Drugs
Renal System Drugs
Respiratory Drugs
Gastrointestinal Drugs
Endocrine System Drugs
Anti-Infective Drugs
Antineoplastic & Immunotherapy Drugs
Pain Drugs
Miscellaneous Drugs
To successfully complete the HPRS 2200 Pharmacology for Health Professionals course, the following
requirements must be met:
1. The student must adhere to the rules and regulations as outlined in the Victoria College Student
Handbook. The student is responsible for reading and reviewing this information.
2. If a scheduled exam must be missed, the student must contact the course instructor prior to the
exam. The student is to make an appointment with the instructor prior to the exam to discuss
scheduling of the missed test. A missed exam must be taken no later than the following week.
Failure to take the exam at the arranged time will result in a “0”. The instructor has the option of
giving an alternate exam.
3. Methods of Instruction will include:
A. Reading assignments
B. Power Point Presentations
C. Online quizzes
4. Attendance is monitored in a variety of ways. Examples include weekly online quizzes and/or
unit exams. Failure to log into a quiz or take the online exam will result in an absence. Four
(4) absences may cause you to be dropped from the class.
Grade Breakdown
1. There will be fours (4) unit exams (see possible points for each exam below), and a comprehensive final
exam (possible 90 points) which consist of multiple choice and alternate format questions.
2. When a unit exam requires students to show dosage calculation work, students must use dimensional
analysis (DA). Any work not in compliance with the DA rules and the Victoria College Rounding Policy
will not be acceptable.
3. The Quiz assignments consist of a possible 60 cumulative points. It is the student's responsibility to
confirm accurate grade posting of quizzes in the gradebook. Any APPEAL to a quiz grade posted in
gradebook must be submitted by email to course instructor within 72 hours of quiz due date/time. Failure to
APPEAL within this 72 hour period will result in grade standing as originally posted.
4. The following provides grades in relation to the cumulative total of points possible
Cumulative Point/Grade Distribution by Exam:
Exam I & II (15 + 35 pts)
Exam III (50 pt) Exam IV (50 pts)
A = 45-50
B = 40-44
C = 35-39
D = 30-34
F = Below 30
A = 90 – 100
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 - 79
D = 60 - 69
F = Below 60
A = 135 – 150
B = 120 – 134
C = 105 - 89
D = 90 – 104
F = Below 90
Quizzes (60 pt)
A= 189-210
B= 168-188
C= 147-167
D= 126-146
F= Below 126
5. The Final Course Grade is determined by the total of points earned:
a. Unit Exams
b. Quizzes
c. Final Exam
(90 Questions/points)
d. Total Possible Points
FINAL (90pt)
A = 270 – 300
B = 240 – 269
C = 210 - 239
D = 180 – 209
F= Below 180
150 pts.
60 pts
90 pts.
300 pts
6. A minimum of 210 points will be required to pass this course.
Deviation from the syllabus may become necessary for cause. Identification of cause is the prerogative of the
program faculty. Students will be advised of any deviation in a timely manner to minimize any adverse effects
on the learning process.
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