New American Diplomacy - Tipp City Exempted Village Schools

American History 2014
New American Diplomacy
Directions: Read pages 152-157 and answer the following questions.
1. What was the importance of the Open Door policy to the United States?
2. Why were Europeans angered by the Boxer Rebellion?
3. How did Roosevelt’s foreign policy expand U.S. influence to other countries?
4. Why was it important for the U.S. to influence Latin American nations?
5. How was Dollar Diplomacy intended to help the United States as well as Latin America?
6. How could the economic power of the US be seen as a “big stick”?
7. Was President Roosevelt correct in his belief that a strong military presence promoted global peace?
8. How did “moral diplomacy” shape President Wilson’s foreign policy?
9. Why did President Wilson’s “moral diplomacy” not accomplish its intended purpose?