Chapter 10 - East Lyme Public Schools

Chapter 10 Review Sheet
Section 1:
Define: imperialism
Who is Alfred Mahon? What did he write and what impact did his writing have?
Who bought Alaska?
What interest did the United States have in Hawaii?
Section 2:
What was America’s interest in Cuba?
Why did public opinion favor Cuban independence before the Maine incident?
What role did the press play in molding public opinion?
Who were the two rival newspaper tycoons fueling the public appetite?
Define: De Lome Letter
How did the U.S.S. Maine launch America into war?
Summarize the war in the Philippines
Summarize the war in the Caribbean
Who were the Rough Riders? What did they do to gain notoriety?
What did the United States gain by the Treaty of Paris?
Article: “1898: The Meaning of the U.S.S. Maine”
Section 3:
What did the Foraker Act do?
What was the Platt Amendment?
Define: Emilio Aguinaldo
How did the U.S. victory in the Philippines turn sour? What was the result?
Define: Boxer Rebellion
How did John Hay’s Open Door notes become the bedrock of American foreign policy?
Article: “Just Change Filipino to Iraqi”
Article: “Theodore Roosevelt Links War in the Philippines to the Ideal of the Strenuous
Life, 1899”
Section 4:
How did Teddy Roosevelt become President?
What did he do to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?
Video: The Panama Canal
What is the Roosevelt Corollary? How did this reinforce the idea of America as an
international police force?
Compare dollar diplomacy to gunboat diplomacy
How did Wilson’s “missionary diplomacy” mark a change in U.S. foreign policy?
How did the Mexican Revolution challenge Wilson’s Policy?
Define: “Pancho” Villa
Emiliano Zapata
John J. Pershing