Presidential Foreign Policy: T. Roosevelt – Taft – Wilson Roosevelt:

Presidential Foreign Policy: T. Roosevelt – Taft – Wilson
1. actively promoted commerce abroad
2. championed the Monroe Doctrine
3. stood ready to meet any challenge to
national security
4. “Speak softly and carry a big Stick” - Big Stick
5. demanded the construction of a modern navy
6. felt we had a moral duty to impose our
civilization on those we rule
7. Roosevelt Corollary - Dec. 1904 - we become
the police person of the Caribbean
William Howard Taft:
1. Dollar diplomacy - offered American business
men in the Caribbean the full military and
diplomatic support of the government
2. endorsed the Roosevelt Corollary and expanded
our role as “policeman” of the Western Hemisphere
Woodrow Wilson:
1. had little interest in world diplomacy
2. “Moral diplomacy” – use negotiation and
arbitration in dealings with other nations
3. Uses a missionary zeal to promote:
a. Peace
b. Secure American economic interests
4. Use of moral diplomacy:
a. Terminates U.S. participation in a
Chinese railway consortium
b. Failed to enforce national treaty
obligations to treat Japanese immigrants
fairly ( ignored a California law that prohibited noncitizens from holding land in