Revolts in Latin America

Name: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________________ Revolts in Latin America Ch. 20 ­ Prentice Hall World History Book pg, 645­650 1. Define Peninsulares: 2. Define Creoles: 3. Define Mestizos 4. Define Mulatoes: 5. Describe the Enlightenment and how it inspired Latin America: 6. Where did creoles get many of their revolutionary ideas? 7. Who was Toussaint L’Ouverture? 8. Describe Haiti’s fight for freedom and the role slaves played: 9. Summarize revolts in Mexico: 10. Who was Father Miguel Hidalgo? What did he do? 11. Who was Father Jose Morelos? What did he do? 12. How did events in Spain affect the fight for Mexican independence? 13. Who was Jose San Martin? 14. Who was Simon Bolivar? 15. Who were the key countries that lost power in Latin America? (hint ­ map on pg. 649) 16. Throughout history, why have people revolted? 17. Why do you think every age in history has witnessed a revolution? 18. How did social structure contribute to discontent in Latin America? 
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