World Civilization II Midterm Presentation

World Civilization II
Latin America Paper & Presentation
You will need to choose a country in Latin America. This can be in
North, Central or South America. You’re goal is to teach the class
about the history and people of your country. The requirements are
outlined below. The written component will be 3-5 pages and you
will need at least 3 sources (not Wikipedia). The presentation
component should reflect the information in the written components
along with visual aids that enhance comprehension.
 Description of former colony (which country, vice-royalty)
 Description of process to attain independence & date of
 Description of people and social structure (population, ethnic
groups, economic status)
 Sequence of important historical events from independence
to present (power struggles, conflicts, political events)
 Description of foreign involvement since independence
(economic and/or political control)
 Description of current economy (industries, jobs, imports,
exports, trading partners, foreign debt)
 Description of current government, political and/or social
issues (type, structure, leader(s), political parties/movements,
internal problems, international problems)
 Description of culture and everyday life (language, food,
family, customs, sports)