Complete sentences not needed.
1. Describe the American colonies in the 1760’s. Roads? How far people traveled away from their homes?
2. Who was the most famous American in the world in the 1760’s?
3. Your position in society in England was determined by what?
4. What happened in Parliament, in London, in the Spring of 1765 that turned out to be an important act in
England and the colonies?
5. How long does it take for the news of the Stamp Act to make it to the colonies?
6. Why were the colonies so upset by the passage of the Stamp Act?
7. Who were the only people that were taxed, in Britain, without their consent?
8. What types of items were taxed by the Stamp Act?
9. Who was Thomas Hutchinson? What happened to Thomas Hutchinson’s home in response to the
enforcement of the Stamp Act?
10. What did colonists do, all over the colonies, in response to the Stamp Act?
11. When was the stamp Act repealed? How did the colonists respond to its’ repeal?
12. How were the American colonists referred to in England?
13. What act was passed when the Stamp Act was repealed? What did it tax?
14. What was the colonists reaction to the Declaratory Act?