The Woman's Guide To Soul Searching and Surviving In Love and Life

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"The Woman's Guide To Soul Searching and Surviving In Love and Life"
By their very nature women are nurturers who tend to give out more than they receive.
Women can become so focused on their careers, their husbands/boyfriends, their
friends, entertaining and children that they forget themselves. When women forget
themselves, they lose themselves and begin to hardly resemble the person they once
were. Self-image, self-confidence and quality time for yourself is soon diminished.
Getting in touch with the very essence of your being is like examining the inner depths
of your soul. Spending a little time soul searching is vitally important in order for women
to stay connected both within themselves and to their outside world. It's one thing to
give of yourself unto others and quite another to allow yourself to be taken from. You
know the difference and how it feels when your time, your energy and then some is
constantly in high demand and in some cases even expected.
Women are the great loves, leaders and nurturers but for a woman to not feel drained,
exhausted and taken advantage of she must make sure she gets her time in for herself.
Many women will say they simply cannot make this happen, that it is not possible. This
is only true if she allows it to be. To stay healthy and happy women must be deliberate
about taking time to replenish their souls. If women are in the constant race to be all and
do all for others they will become but a shell of their former self after a while. Women
must be given the space to love themselves.
Healthy boundaries must be re-established. I have several clients who schedule time to
workout later in the evenings just to unplug from their busy schedules and demanding
responsibilities. The benefits are enormous and richly rewarding. Spending at least 1-3
hours a week doing something that nurtures your inner being is incredibly rewarding
physically and emotionally.
5 Soul Searching Tips:
1) Get Quiet: Soul searching requires thought and time in a space and place where
you can reflect without interruption. Usually this is a quiet time. Quiet doesn’t
necessarily mean without any noise at all. It simply means quiet in terms of what brings
you inner peace. A 30 minute walk, a 60 minute break in a day to read, listen to music,
workout or do whatever you need to do to tune out the world is self-nurturing time.
2) Get Out: Getting out and away from people is extremely healthy. The activity you
choose to do will be unique to you. All the better. Go to lunch with a girlfriend, going to a
movie, taking a painting class, walking trails, gardening, making time to lay out in the
sun, going window shopping or taking a drive can fill you up again so that you have
something to give.
3) Grow and Evolve: In order to grow and evolve we must learn something and
embrace change. Learn something by taking up a new hobby. Research and read to
learn more about the things that empassion you. Find about more about natural healing
remedies in other cultures. Learn to dance by taking a class. Try yoga, meditation,
gardening to grow your own vegetables, volunteering time to hold and comfort new born
babies or working at an animal rescue. When you stretch your mind you open up the
realm of possibilities. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive and in touch with the
earth, your soul and nature will instantly connect you to the life force energy within you
which reconnects you to yourself. Being in the flow of life, birth, growth and all things
related to the spirit makes a woman, a woman.
4) Contemplation: Women are talkers, thinkers and analyzers. Whether you
contemplate through meditation, reading, journaling, or art women are fulfilled when in
the deeper recesses of life. This time is vital for inner peace and the deeper
understanding women yearn for in life and love. It is intellectually stimulating, soothing
and inspiring. Women are bearers of life. It is essential for women to be in
contemplation of what is next for them to creatively bring into the world.
5) Rejuvenate: Women are the ultimate multi-tasker’s in today’s world. Many women
work full time in demanding careers while also raising kids and having
husbands/boyfriends. It is vital that women rest their bodies, their minds and souls.
More women complain of exhaustion now than ever before because of the increased
opportunities and demands placed upon them. Get more of what you need. Get enough
sleep, soak in a warm bath, get a facial and a relaxing massage. Rest makes
everything in life feel better and seem better.
No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a
new ending. Love yourself enough to nurture yourself, you're worth it!
----------------Joe Green is the co-author of Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger a former best seller on
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