Duct Tape Coin Pouch

Duct Tape Coin Pouch
Step 1:
Duct Tape Fabric Side A
Lay a 12 inch piece of duct tape sticky side down. Take another 12 inch piece and overlap the first piece
by ½ inch. Do the same with strips number 3 and 4.
Duct Tape Fabric Side B
A. Flip side A to the non-sticky side. Lay a 6 inch piece duct tape sticky side down onto the sticky
side of side A.
B. Overlap the 6 inch piece like you did for side A, until the whole sticky side is covered.
Step 2:
Trace the pouch template onto your fabric and cut around the edges.
Step 3:
Flip the bottom part of the fabric up to create the pouch.
Step 4:
Cut a 6 inch piece of duct tape in half (creating two skinny six inch pieces. Place a piece of tape halfway
onto each side of the pouch. Flip your pouch over and fold the skinny pieces to seal your pouch. Trim
the excess on the bottom of your pouch.
Step 5:
Last step! Peel the clear paper off both sides of your Velcro. Place one side down on the flap of your
pouch and close the pouch. The other part of your Velcro should then stick to the bottom of your pouch.
You’re done!