BTH 01 BERNOULLI's Theorem Apparatus Experimental Purpose


BTH 01 BERNOULLI's Theorem Apparatus

Horizontal config.

Vertical config.

General Description :

This apparatus illustrates BERNOULLI's Theorem. The test section consists of clear plastic venturi tube with series of wall tappings allow measurement of the static pressure head distribution along the converging and diverging section, while a total head probe is provided to traverse along the centre line of the test section.

The tapping pressure head ports are connected with provided manometer bank with a series of plastic hoses and quick couplings. The manometers equipped with air hand pump and air bleeding valve.

The equipment can be used for both horizontal and vertical configuration. The coefficient of discharge of the venturi also, can be determined.

This apparatus is an accessary of HB02 Hydraulic Bench.

Experimental Purpose :

1. To verify BERNOULLI's Equation.

2. To learn how to measure static and total pressure

Standard Features :

1. Venturi dimension(approx.) : * Inlet pipe dia : 24.5mm ID * Throat dia : 15.8mm * Outlet pipe dia : 25.6mm

2. 8 columns, +/- 200 mm manometer bank readable to 1mm 3. Supporting frame : Painted mild steel.