The K & J Prendiville Scholarship 2015 Essay Topics Please choose

The K & J Prendiville Scholarship 2015 Essay Topics
Please choose one
Examine the economic consequence on property valuations globally of the current low interest rate
environment and provide predictions on what may happen when rates start to rise.
Examine the pros and cons of increasing taxation to reduce budget deficits, and the consequential
benefit or detriment to economic growth in a country such as Australia.
Discuss the following concept “has Australia squandered the benefits of the recent mining boom?”
Discuss the following concept “are there traps for investors focussed on yield in the current low
interest rate environment globally?”
Discuss the merits of the current wage debate in Australia between labour party/unions and
Estimate the nature of the human capital of the CEOs operating Australia's top 100 companies.
Examine the degree to which charting is a suitable means by which to estimate the future value of
Examine the extent to which the recent fiscal stimulus was suitable for a small-open economy with
a flexible exchange rate.
Issues in Carbon Trading - will such a system work for or against the Australian economy?
10) Is Accounting Darwinism really still alive? Why have some accounting theories not been effective
in changing or shaping accounting practice?
11) Given the significant rise in high-profile accounting failures (ie Enron, Worldcom, Harris Scarf, HIH,
Fincorp, Centro, James Hardie, ABC Learning, etc) why does it appear that accounting research has
had so little impact on preventing such failures in accounting practice?
12) Track the development of the Central Bank (CB) ‘concept’ and how it has developed into the Lender
of Last Resort (LLR) as well as being a/the central bank; and secondly, discuss why the LLR has
become such a focal point in forestalling or preventing 'financial fragility'.
13) It is possible for "mispricing to exist in equilibrium”?
14) What are the risks if investors ‘fixate’ on earnings and fail to distinguish between accrual and cash
flow components of current earnings?
15) Discuss the cognitive and psychological biases in investment decision making. Can modern portfolio
theory accommodate these biases?
16) “Value creation and ethical investment practice are complementary to each other”- discuss.
17) Is NSW residential property in a bubble? If yes, explain why.
18) Can Australia learn from the recent success of the New Zealand economy and, if so, what lessons
are transferrable to Australia?
19) Equity markets globally are very high relative to historic norms. Why is that and what is the risk of
a major correction?
20) What are the advantages and disadvantages of a country like Greece being part of the Euro Zone?
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The K & J Prendiville Scholarship 2015 Essay Topics