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Do you want to know how to
transfer money to Australia with
no fees, and better exchange
We research the topic of
money transfer to Australia and
make it super-easy for anyone
to skip the "easy" and bad
solutions, namely banks' FX
departments, and focus on the
right solutions.
FX companies like Currencies Direct, our
partner, will mediate the transfer between you
and your money's destination.
They will charge no fees on money transfers to
Australia or elsewhere, from the UK, Europe or
the US.
They will present favorable exchange rates
and a comfortable interface to handle all of
your affairs online.
1. As a first step you sign up into the platform, using our "Free
Quote Request" button on
2. Then, you request a free quote, and see how it matches
with your banks' (it will be much better), and confirm it.
3. Then, you simply transfer the money in your local currency
to Currencies Direct, and they handle the exchange and
the transfer to its final destination.
for more information about all
topics related to visiting, moving
to, or moving from Australia, and
in particular currency exchanges.