Yr 3 Civics & Citizenship

Australia’s engagement with Asia
Asia-Australia engagement
5. Collaboration and engagement with the peoples of
Asia support effective regional and global citizenship.
6. Australia is part of the Asia region and our histories
from ancient times to the present are linked.
7. Australians play a significant role in social, cultural,
political and economic developments in the Asia
8. Australians of Asian heritage have influenced
Australia’s history and continue to influence its
dynamic culture and society.
• Build a bank of connections between Asian
countries and Australia
• Consider the consequences of Asia-Australia
• Explore OWC resources about Asia
Maldivian Youth Civil Society Climate Change Conference 2009.
Image Credit: 350.org
Asia Fact Match
Photo credits: Australian Aid, One World Centre and Jialiang Gao (Wikimedia Commons
“The single story creates
stereotypes, and the problem with
stereotypes is not that they are
untrue, but that they are
incomplete. They make one story
become the only story.”
- Chimamanda Adichie – Nigerian Novelist
Hear more on the
danger of the
single story
The Great Australia-Asia challenge
• Your group must find as
many links between Australia
and your country as possible
• Record these as:
• speculative (if you’re not
sure but you think the link
is a possibility) or
• substantiated (if you can
include a source for
further information)
Fashion Designer Akira Isogawa
Image Credit: Eva Rinaldi
These are questions about the environment
- the land, the sea, living things, and their
relationship to each other. These questions
are about the built as well as the natural
Who decides (political)
These are questions about
power, who makes choices
and decides what is to
happen; who benefits or
loses as a result of these
decisions; and at what cost
These questions
are about money,
trading and
ownership, buying
and selling
These are questions about people, their
relationships, their traditions, culture and the
way they live. They include questions about
how, for example, gender, race, disability, class
and age affect social relations
What are your questions?
Curriculum Links
Yr 3 Civics & Citizenship: Why people participate
within communities and how students can actively
participate and contribute (ACHCK003)
Yr 5 Civics & Citizenship: Why people work in groups
to achieve their aims, and how they can express their
shared beliefs and values and exercise
influence (ACHCK027)
Yr 6 History: The contribution of individuals and
groups, including Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait
Islanders and migrants, to the development of
Australian society, for example in areas such as the
economy, education, science, the arts,
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