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 For immediate release / August 1, 2015 MEDIA RELEASE GZA of Wu-­‐Tang Clan in opening event for Beakerhead 2015 [Calgary, Canada] — Tickets go on sale today for Beakerhead, a smash up of art, science and engineering that will erupt in Calgary this September 16 to 20. More than 60 events will be part of the five-­‐day program, the majority of which are free. For those events requiring tickets, online sales and registrations start today August 1 at 9:00 am. Last year, 73,000 people attended in total, and some ticketed events sold out within 24 hours. This year, the line-­‐ up includes more ticketed events than last year, and many more Calgary restaurants taking part. Highlights include: Opening Night with GZA, member of the Wu-­‐Tang Clan in a 6400 sq-­‐foot sandbox at Fort Calgary. The international premiere of Rock n’ Roll History of Space Exploration with Jay Ingram, part science, part rock ‘n roll. The Gorgeous Molecule, a molecular gastronomy food experience with top chefs, and The Gorgeous Libation, a one-­‐night-­‐only pop-­‐up bar. How Doing Good in the World is Great Business, a lunch date with social entrepreneurs. Late Night Labs: Three hours, six stops and probably the most memorable hands-­‐on tour you’ll ever take. Taste, a performance in which the audience are also diners at River Café. The best of the Bleak Midwinter Film Festival brings the animated shorts to Beakerhead, as … Bleakerhead. Hear from seven of the world’s best science storytellers in The Seven Wonderers. All events can be found and purchased at Beakerhead.com. Media Contact Michelle Htun-­‐Kay 1-­‐403-­‐971-­‐5180 [email protected] 
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