Colin Sticksl
36 Hamptons Cove NW  Calgary, AB T3A 6B7  Phone: 403-818-5708  E-Mail:,
Seeking High School Teaching Position
Enthusiastic educator with a passion for science and physics. Committed to developing an engaging and unique educational experience
that fosters discovery and authentic learning.
Summary of Qualifications
 Bachelor of Education Physics/Mathematics University of Lethbridge (Dec. 2012)
 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
 One year of experience working as an engineer.
 Seven years of experience working with and coaching students ages 10 – 18.
 Received exceptional evaluations from teacher associates and supervisors for professional practicum performance.
Teaching Experience
Professional Semester Three – St. Mary’s High School, Calgary AB
Sept. – Dec. 2012
Subjects taught: Physics 20 & Math 10C
 Developed challenging, enriching, and innovative activities that address the diverse interests and needs of students. Incorporated
YouTube in the classroom to relate physics to real-life situations and created online flipped lessons as a student resource.
 Effectively collaborated with all levels of staff particularly other teachers teaching the math 10 common course, worked as a team to
develop assessments and course calendar.
 Maintained a quality relationship with both staff and students by participating in extracurricular activities such as staff pick up hockey
and Science Olympics.
Professional Semester Two – Sir Winston Churchill High, Calgary, AB
Feb. – April. 2012
Subjects taught: Physics 20
 Successfully managed a heavy course load teaching 4 different classes of physics 20 at once while still providing feedback by promptly
marking all assessments.
 Developed clear summative assessments and designed valuable test items by analyzing student responses.
 Established strong connections with both staff and students by sharing resources and becoming involved in extra-curricular such as
Science Olympics. Professional relationships with staff are still maintained and are a valuable source for professional development
and the sharing of teaching resources.
Professional Semester One – Livingstone School, Lundbreck, AB
Nov. – Dec. 2011
Subjects taught: Grade 5/6 Math, Science, & PE.
 Evaluated to be “exceeding expectations” in every category of my summative report.
 Developed strong classroom management skills from dealing with a large variety of behavioral issues. Faced many challenges and
adapted lesson plans accordingly.
 Delivered clear assessments including observations, warm-up questions, worksheets, and formal tests with modifications for students
working on adapted programs.
Education 2500 – Briar Hill Elementary School, Calgary, AB
May – June 2011
Grade: 4/5
 Awarded the “Highly Recommended” status for entry into the U of L faculty of education due to exceptional practicum performance.
Bachelor of Education: Physics & Mathematics, University of Lethbridge
Class of December 2012
Completed the 2-year program in 18 months. Cumulative GPA: 3.94
Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering, University of Calgary
Class of April 2008
Other Experience
Engineer in Training – Engineered Air, Calgary AB
Nov. 2008 – Dec. 2009
 Designed custom and standard HVAC equipment using laws of thermodynamics and classical mechanics.
 Designed and constructed circuits to perform various functions
 Assisted in trouble shooting and testing finished products
Tutor – Educationwise, Calgary, AB
Oct. 2010 - Jan. 2011
 Provided one on one mathematics instruction using a variety of teaching methods.
Lunch Room Supervisor – Queen Elizabeth Elementary School, Calgary AB
Nov. 2010 – June 2011
 Quickly developed a strong rapport with both students and staff.
 Managed and organized large groups of students in the lunchroom and on the playground.
Hockey Instructor – Sylvan Lake Summer Hockey Camp, Sylvan Lake, AB
July. 2006 – August. 2012
 Coached and supervised players ages 8 – 18
 Organized and delivered drills and activities both on and off the ice to large groups of students
Travel Experience
 May – June 2008, Drove across Canada taking in the spectacular landscape and culture our great country has to offer.
 February – May 2010, Backpacked through South America learning Spanish and volunteering with local organizations
Darlene Fitzner
Physics/Science Teacher
Sir Winston Churchill High School
Calgary, Alberta
Telephone (H): 403-547-2411
(W): 403-298-9241 ext 7166
Dale Makar
Physics/Science Teacher
Sir Winston Churchill High School
Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-220-0036
Janet Herrem
Vice Principal
St. Mary’s High School
Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-500-2024 ext 303