Atom, Pee Wee A and Pee Wee B Provincials

2010 - 2011
Criteria for Determination of Zone 9 Representative
For Hockey Alberta Provincials
The criteria to determine which Calgary team will qualify to represent Calgary (Zone 9)
at the Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget Provincials are as follows:
All Divisions
1. The top ntire season rom games only the one 9 teams RMFHL and EMHW games
versus Zone9 with an equal number of games played between all Zone 9 teams
Where a differing number of games is played between the various Zone 9 teams
(including RMFHL and EMHW), the lowest common number of games will be
used, with any games needing to be "dropped" being those earliest in the
2. At the end of regular season play, if two (2) or more teams are tied in points, the tie
will broken based on Hockey Calgary's Community Rule 22(d) as applied to the
games played between teams.
3. GHC will post standings on its website to reflect the game results between the
Calgary teams in order that coaches, parents and players can easily refer to the
standings for Provincial qualification.
Note: hould Calgary receive the opportunity to send a wildcard team from any division to
its respective Provincials tournament, the team that is in second place (as determined in
point 1 above) at the end of season shall be named the wildcard team.
In regard to hosting Provincials for the ivision that is awarded to Calgary, two teams from
that division will participate in the Provincial tournament. The Calgary team in first place
at the end of season will be the Zone 9 representative. The “host” team will be the team
in second place at end of .
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