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Greece PIRATES Choice Activity
Directions: You have the opportunity to choose which projects to complete in this activity. You must choose at least one
option from each category. This project will be worth 100 points, thus you should make sure that your project choices
add up to at least 100 points. You may choose to complete up to 120 points for 20 points extra credit. Please indicate
your choices by circling them. This page will need to be turned in when your project is due
PIRATES Greece Summary page not optional (35 points)
8-2 Select a ruler mentioned on p.237 and create a poster that contains a slogan for that ruler. (5 points)
8-2 Create an original political cartoon that deals with an element of the democratic process in Athens (See
chapter 8 section 2.) (5 points)
8-2 Create a timeline of the different governments of Athens. Timelines should list each government, explain
the form of the government, and draw a simple illustration that reflects that style of government. There are
four types of governments. (5 points)
8-2 In 546 BC, a noble named Peisistratus overthrew the oligarchy and ruled Athens as a tyrant. Use information
from chapter 8 to make a cost-benefit analysis of this action. Then, write a paragraph explaining whether or not
this was good for the people of Athens. (10 points)
9-1 Create a guide for new conquerors. The guide should list 5 rules that you think a conquering ruler should
follow to minimize the possibility that the conquered people will rebel. ( 5 points)
9-3 Write a short speech (1/2 page handwritten) either supporting or opposing Alexander the Great from the
point of view of a Greek citizen. (5 points)
Aspasia ws and activity (5 points)
8-1 Create a poster attracting travelers to ancient Greece. Advertisements should highlight the elements of
Greek geography. (5 points)
9-1 page 264 #4
History and geography ws and activity (10 points)
History and geography ws 22-23 (5 points)
8-3 Choose any Greek god or goddess to research. Write a short newspaper article(1/2-1 page handwritten or ½
page typed in 12 point font) on the “who, what, when, where, and why” of an event in which the god or goddess
was involved. (5 points)
8-3 Choose one of the Greek gods listed on p. 243 and write a brief biography of 1-2 handwritten pages or 1
page typed in 12 point font) on that god. The biography should explain the god’s relationship to the other gods,
summarize major myths related to that god, and explain the importance of that god to the Greeks. (10 points)
Interpreting charts ws (5 points)
8-3 Read the description of the Iliad and the Odyssey on p.246. Select one of the epic poems and create an
advertisement encouraging others to read that poem.(5 points)
8-3 Sappho ws (questions and activity.) (5 points)
9 Ancient Greek poets often wrote poems in praise of great leaders, victorious military commanders, star
athletes, and other famous people. Choose one person from chapter 9 that you admire and write a 5 line poem
praising that person. (5 points)
9-4 Conduct research on the use of masks in ancient Greek drama. Make a model of a Greek mask to show the
class, Write a description of your mask explaining what the mask represented, why the masks were important in
plays, and whether masks are used in the same way today. (10 points)
Complete the myth ws and write a 1-2 page typed or 2-3 page handwritten myth. (15 points)
• Hypatia ws and activity (5 points)
9-4 Create a poster on any Greek achievement, be sure to include the who, what, when, where, etc. (5 points)
History and Economics ws (5 points)
8-1 List at least 5 reasons Greeks had for establishing colonies in the Mediterranean. List 3 ways in which the
Greeks benefited from having colonies. Next, imagine that you lived in a Greek city-state that did not have
colonies. Write a letter to the leaders of your city-state encouraging them to establish colonies in the region.
Letters should be persuasive and should point out the benefits of creating colonies, based on the reasons
provided in chapter 8 section 1.
Thucydides ws and activity (5 points)
Create a 6-8 slide powerpoint on the ancient Olympics; words should not be copied and pasted. (10 points)
As with all PIRATE choice projects, if you have a related project idea that you would like to complete, ask!
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_____Politics choice
_____Interactions choice
_____Religion choice
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_____At least 100 points total