Name_________________________ Gilded Age Economics: Term

Gilded Age Economics: Term Classification
Directions: After Reading Chapter 24 classify the list of terms on the second
page of this word document in one of the following categories. Also give a
brief description of each term or person. Some terms might fit into more
than one category, but you only need to write the description once.
Railroad Industry
Robber Barons
Government Regulation of Industry
Union / Organized Labor Movements
List of Terms
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Knights of Labor
John D. Rockefeller
Union Pacific
Regulatory Commission
Credit Mobilier
Samuel Gompers
Thomas Edison
Transcontinental Line
The Big Four
Yellow Dog Contract
Central Pacific
AF of L (AFL)
Social Darwinism
Bessemer-Kelly Process
Hells on Wheels
Ogden, Utah
Interstate Commerce Act
JP Morgan
Andrew Carnegie
Terence Powderly
Leland Stanford
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Black List
Jay Gould
Haymarket Square Bombing
Gospel of Wealth