Pacific Branch Meeting - Entomological Society of America

Annual Meeting of the
Pacific Branch of the
Entomological Society of America
April 3-6, 2016
Pacific Beach Hotel, Honolulu, HI
Symposia Topics
• Genetic engineering: future
opportunities, risks and challenges
• Bumble bee ecology and evolution
• Managing coconut rhinoceros
beetle and other invasive scarabs
• Fostering diversity in science
• Genomics: little genes, big data
• Insect conservation: integrating
theory and practice
• IPM of Heteroptera in the West
• Accomplishments in biocontrol
• Fruit flies in the Pacific area
• Animal and plant vector biology
• Floriculture and nursery exotic pest
crisis challenges and solutions
• Navel orangeworm management
• Pollinator protection
• Evolution of herbivory
• Population perspectives in
• Honoring Minoru Tamashiro
• What’s new in industry
• Utilizing high throughput data in
Celebrating 100 Years of
Pacific Branch
Science for the Next
Local Attractions
• Waikiki shopping and dining
• Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium
• Polynesian Cultural Center
• USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship
• Enjoy the warm side of the Pacific
Ocean – swim, surf, SUP and snorkel!
• Bike or kayak in Kailua
• Big wave viewing on the North Shore
• Ride the historic sugar cane train
• Hike into a volcanic tuff cone
(Diamond Head)
Pacific Beach Hotel Amenities
• Oceanarium: three story attraction
showcasing over 70 different species
of marine life including stingrays and
longnose butterflyfish
• Dining at the Oceanarium Restaurant
or Aloha Center Café
• High speed internet
• Parking and car rental on site
• Fitness center and spa
• Golf hitting cage and tennis courts