Hydrosphere Flashcards

Hydrosphere Flashcards
1. What percentage of Earth is covered by ocean waters?
2. Be able to identify the 5 oceans on a map.
3. Estuary
4. What are Earth’s sources of fresh water and salt water?
5. Soil water
6. Groundwater
7. Which source of liquid water provides Earth with most of its fresh water?
8. What fraction of the weight of most plants and animals is from water?
9. Where does the salt in ocean water come from?
10. Evaporation
11. Condensation
12. What are clouds made of?
13. What are the 4 types of precipitation?
14. What are the 3 steps of the water cycle?
15. Hydrosphere
16. How do currents move ocean water?
17. What causes the tides?
18. What are the parts of a wave and how are they measured?
19. In what 3 ways do ocean waters move?
20. How do oceans change coastlines?
21. Runoff
22. Why do wells have to be built below the water table?
23. Transpiration
24. Irrigation
25. What kinds of things can pollute water?
26. Reread p. D54, Water Sense Kids, and Wasting Water Is Weird and use the
information from those sources to write a paragraph (4-6 sentences) about some ways
you can conserve water. Be sure to include some fun facts about how much water is
wasted by doing simple things like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.