Hydrosphere Flashcards

Chapter 8 Flashcards
1. What produces most of Earth’s oxygen supply?
2. What is air made of?
3. How do renewable resources differ from nonrenewable resources?
4. Ozone layer
5. List four things that the atmosphere provides for living things.
6. Smog
7. Acid rain
8. Name some sources of air pollution.
9. Desalination
10. Name some resources obtained from the oceans.
11. Briefly describe the water cycle. Why is groundwater an important part of the water
12. Why do objects float better in salt water than fresh water?
13. Basin
14. How do ocean currents form?
15. How does the water in a wave move?
16. What causes the tides?
17. What are the features of the ocean floor?
18. How has technology allowed scientists to learn more about the ocean?
19. What are some examples of fossil fuels and where do they come from?
20. Where does geothermal energy come from?
21. Biomass
22. Go back and reread The Story of Drinking Water (found on the SOS5 Wiki). Write a
paragraph (5-7 sentences) about why it is important to conserve water. Be sure to
include how much of Earth’s water is drinkable, how much of our bodies are made up
of water, how the water cycle plays a role, and how we can keep the water clean.