CH 4 section 1

Mr. Boothby
World Geography
Lecture Notes CH 4
Read pages 34-40 in your textbook before you begin to answer these questions. Remember to always answer by
using complete sentences.
1. What percentage of our body is water? What would you weight if you were totally dehydrated?
2. Is freshwater an abundant resource? EXPLAIN
3. Why is water essential to life on Earth? EXPLAIN
4. What are the three unique characteristics; these are things that only water can do?
5. What is the continental shelf? Is it the deepest part of the ocean floor? Explain your response!
6. What is the greatest depth in the ocean? How deep is it in miles?
(Hint: 1600 meters = 1 mile)
7. Why does seawater taste salty if you drink it?
8. Can water dissolve steel or iron? Explain how.
9. Why don’t the oceans experience the temperature extremes of land?
10. Why are coastal areas milder or less extreme in variation than inland areas?
11. How much of the Earth’s oceans have scientists explored according to your textbook? If you
read the last paragraph this should be easy to answer!