ocean project questionnaire

Due in class, Mon. Sept. 8.
This questionnaire is to encourage us all as we begin our conversation. The first group
of questions require factual information which your will need to research. The
librarians are ever ready to assist you. At the end of the questionnaire, you are asked
to note the references you used. The second group of questions requires you to think
about your experiences. Your answers should be typed, edited for grammar, spelling,
and logic.
1. What percent of the earth is covered by ocean?
2. Which is more significant in the generation of a hurricane, warm ocean temperatures
or how close the sun is to the earth?
3. Where does the majority of plastic garbage that pollutes our
oceans come from?
A) Boats
B) Land-based sources, beaches, garbage cans
C) Airplane waste D) Illegal industry dumping
4. What is the primary source of ocean oil pollution?
A) Oil tanker accidents such as the Exxon Valdez
B) Off shore oil rigs and pipelines
C) Cars and run-off from land
D) Natural seepage from the ocean bottom
5. What is the common name of this species (below)?
6. What is the scientific name of this species (above)?
7. With which of these organisms (below) do humans share a more recent common
ancestor (that is, to which organism are humans more closely related) .
8. Are any of the organisms (below) animals?
9. Are there more fish in the sea now or 40 years ago or is the number roughly the
10. What oceans, if any, have you seen in person?
11. When you collect shells and stones walking along the beach how do you
determine which ones to save…please list you criteria for this process of selection?
12. How many drawings do you make a day, week. A month?
13. What percentage of time do you allocate per day to the act of observation?
14. How important do you thing the visualization of the oceans’ problems is in
sharing these issues with a wider audience?
15. Bring to class an image of a work of art that brings together the world of the
scientist and that of the artist with respect to the ocean. Be prepared to discuss
your image.
Append a list of references you used in completing this assignment.