Letter from Louis H. Sobel to Mr. Wagenberg - JDC

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IPO 89
• / • ftttaaotor, Bw Tork. I.T.
» • » Mr, ¥aconb«r*t
Tour fathor-ln-lew, Mr. frank, « M food onou** to t a l l to our
attention the letter vhlch 7 m wrote to hla with rupMt to U u i i t M i
eapleyed V »ar repreientatiTo in Beaters in ear precraa of eeelotaaae to
the Jove In that oo—urtty.
AS wo hare indicated to Mr. frank, ve appreciate the faet that
ho ha* vritton to ui and ve would ltko yea to knew that wo aro ami 11 n* tho
oontonto of your lottor to tho attention of oar lirepeen offloo.
With toot viihoo,
Tory ilncoroly youro.
Louli H.
aitiitant teeretary