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Poster Submission
Title: Efficient Communication Architecture for Intelligent MicroGrids
Author: Gowdemy Rajalingham, Quang-Dung Ho, Tho Le-Ngoc
The successful implementation of Intelligent MicroGrids (IMGs) requires an efficient
communication infrastructure that is cost-effective, scalable and fault-tolerant. To that effect,
this project aims to study and develop relevant networking techniques for an efficient and
reliable IMG Communication Network (IMGCN). In particular, we propose a representative
communication architecture for the interconnection of different radio access technologies along
the separate segments of the IMGCN. Then, based on this architecture, we consider the
performance, transmission latency and packet delivery ratio, of geographic routing in the
Neighbor Area Network (NAN) segment. Specifically, we investigate the scaling of system
performance when per-smart-meter data rate, channel shadowing level and the number of
smart meters per collector increases. The results presented in this study can then serve as
important guidelines for the design and development of relevant communication infrastructures
for IMGs.
Project Number: 3.2 (Grid Integration Requirements, Standards, Code and
Regulatory Considerations)
University: McGill University
Supervisor: Tho Le-Ngoc