Ceres Flash Cards x 10

Broad Beans
Broad Beans are oval-shaped creamy green beans with a
distinctive flavour. You can buy them in a pod or removed from it.
They are usually cooked and served hot or cold.
They contain folic acid, flavonoids and Vitamin C, which are all
thought to play an important part in the fight against cancer. They
are also a good source of Niacin (Vitamin B3) which is thought to
promote a healthy nervous system.
Nutritional Info:
80g (3 heaped tablespoons) of broad beans, boiled typically contains:
• 65 kcals
• 6.3g protein
• 0.5g fat
• 9g carbohydrate
• 5g fibre
Preparation and Cooking
Small broad bean pods can be cooked whole, simply wash, and
top and tail them. Otherwise remove larger beans from pods by
snapping off one end of the pod and splitting it open to reveal the
broad beans. Boil or steam for 5-12 minutes depending on the
age and size of the bean. Cook until tender.
Buying and Storing
Look for young, small, tender plump pods or small beans which
have the best flavour. Keep in the fridge.