Honors Biology Summer Assignment Scientific Process Vocabulary

Honors Biology Summer Assignment
Scientific Process Vocabulary Part One
Answer the following questions on the scantron found inside the Honors Biology book
from the library. If you choose not to pick up a book, scantrons can be found at the
library desk.
1. Science
a. type of data that is numerical
2. Technology
b. intellectual investigation aimed at discovering knowledge
3. Research
c. amount of matter an object contains
4. Observation
d. type of data that describes with words
5. Data
e. organized way of using evidence to learn about the world
6. Quantitative data
ab. amount of space an object takes up
7. Qualitative data
ac. use of one or more senses to gather information
8. Measuring
ad. exact observations by comparing to standard units
9. Mass
ae. a method to group and organize
10. Volume
bc. pull of gravity on an objects mass
11. Weight
bd. information gathered from observations; evidence
12. Classifying
be. science put to use; innovation that extends human
Scientific Process Vocabulary Part Two
Continue to answer on Scantron
13. Hypothesis
a. hypothetical description of a complex process or
14. Predicting
b. factor that changes in response to manipulated
variable; factor you want to observe
15. Inferring
c. well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of
16. Theory
d. a test of the effect of a single variable by changing
it and keeping other variables the same
17. Law
e. to examine and evaluate data to comprehend
18. Controlled experiment
ab. a possible explanation for a set of observations;
educated guess for a scientific question
19. Dependent Variable
ac. all factors in an experiment purposely kept the
20. Independent Variable
ad. describes an observation, well documented
over many replications that is true under set
21. Controlled Variables
ae. scientific process used to solve a problem
universal method to develop an experiment
22. Analyze (analysis)
bc. passing of information to others
23. Model
bd. stating what might happen, informed guess
or opinion
24. Communicate
be. factor that is purposely changed to view result
25. Scientific Method
cd. possible explanation for observation; logical
interpretation based on prior knowledge