Introduction to Public Relations - Study Guide for Test on Chapters 12, 15, 16
Test Rules
Turn off all electronic devices and remove ear buds.
A 10 point penalty is assessed if your electronic device goes off at any time during
the test.
Do not respond to your phone or other electronic device, just turn it off.
Remove your baseball cap for the test.
Please do not talk to anyone in class during or after the test.
No discussions are permitted during the test, even if you have completed the test.
You will receive a grade of “F” if you talk to someone while the test is in session.
Test Directions
a. Write your name and date on the scantron form and blue book. Do not write on
the test.
b. Write the version of the test A or B (found in the upper right hand corner) in the
“test no.” box on your scantron form.
c. Use a #2 pencil to answer questions on the scantron. You may use a pen to answer
questions in the blue book.
d. When you have completed the test return the scantron form, blue book, test and
pencil (if borrowed).
With short answer questions give a complete response that may include examples
and other details, that best completes each statement or answers the question.
With the essay question write a detailed (extensive) answer in the blue book and
provide examples.
Who should be on the crisis management team?
What is fair use?
What is the meaning of the phrase velvet ghetto? What is the controversy surrounding
Know and be able to define green public relations.
What does the FDA, FCC, SEC, etc. do?
A survey of public relations practitioners indicated that how many were not
familiar with SEC regulations.
Know (define) and understand (what happens, what actions do you take) the various
stages of a crisis.
There were serious communication errors during the Sago mine disaster in 2006. The
families of the trapped miners were erroneously led to believe that the men had been
successfully rescued because ________.
What are the future trends for public relations?
What is the salary comparison between men and women just one year out of college?
Know and understand copyright laws.
Know and understand “work for hire”.
What are some of the resulting effects from the growth in world population?
What is the percentage of people living in the United States that by the middle of the
21st will have white, European ancestry?
Why was Oprah Winfrey sued by the cattle industry?
What is the fastest growing segment (demographic) of the U.S. economy?
Which nation is expected to have the largest population in 2050?
According to your textbook, the most successful efforts at spreading democracy around
the world have been those ________.
Know and understand the definitions for appropriation and false light.
What are among the most desired skills for students planning a career in public
Know and understand the definitions of freedom of speech (including commercial and
political speech).
What are The U.S. Supreme Court rulings on commercial speech?
Know and understand the definition of globalization.
What is the Freedom of Information Act?
What were some of the problems with communication activities for Hurricane Katrina?
(especially as it relates to crisis communication)
Read and understand the role of crisis communications during Northern Illinois
University's successful crisis communications response to a deadly on-campus shooting
in 2008?
Because of his response to the Tylenol tampering incidents in the 1980s, what would be
appropriate comments on the actions of Johnson & Johnson's James E. Burke?
What are the elements of a good crisis communications plan?
What effects will globalization have on the growth of public relations?
Define libel and its burdens of proof.