Brunton Customer Service Representative This position will be

Brunton Customer Service Representative
This position will be responsible for world-wide International customer service for Brunton/Primus
Outdoor Group . Responsible for executing/analyzing all customer orders, maximizing efficiencies and
customer service levels in the order management process.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
- Execute customer orders on daily basis via EDI, email or fax and Fenix Outdoor’s order management
software while optimizing lead times, truck weight maximization, fill rates and efficient ordering
- Work with and communicate to customer's replenishment managers on issues, events, and 30/60/90
day planning
- Review and analyze proposed changes to customer service, sales team, supply chain and customer to
support ability to meet reasonable customer requirements while maintaining a profitable business. - Provide additional analysis to support best in class service for customer service. - Provide analysis, recommendations and guidance in relation to efficient order management practices
(lead time, truck weight maximization, customer fill rates, efficient order patterns.) This can include
working with sales team in reviewing service level, turns and stock levels for Brunton/Primus customers
to identify opportunities for improvement.
- Regularly utilizes discretion and independence in analyzing data and developing recommendations for
improvements in the supply chain
- Regularly uses discretion in working with various members of the supply chain to improve operational
- Provide, requested delivery information to customers, facilitate the rescheduling of delivery
appointments, manage sales return authorization process.
Experience with EDI, CPG and International customer service a plus
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Experience with international/export sales a plus
Experience with ERP software a plus
Analytical skills, good problem solving abilities
Excellent decision-making skills
Able to work in a team based environment
Ability to work in a fast paced environment and handle/prioritize multiple tasks