Periodic Table Crossword

Periodic Table Terms
2. This is the group name of the group with oxygen at the top.
8. This is the same as the number of protons (and electrons) in an atom.
10. Cesium and lithium like the other elements in this group, react readily with
water and as such are only found naturally in compounds.
12. These go up and down the periodic table.
13. These are usually solids, conduct electricity, usually ductile and malleable.
15. This is the number of protons plus the number of neutrons.
16. All the metals in groups 1/IA, 2/IIA, 13/IIIA, 14/IVA, and 15/VA are these.
1. All of these elements belong to this group: vanadium, silver, and molybdenum.
3. All the elements in this group rhyme!
4. We use these because it’s easier than writing the formula for water as Hydrogen2Oygen.
5. These go across the periodic table.
6. Some elements like boron, silicon and germanium just can’t make up their minds!
7. The average mass of the atoms that would be found in a naturally occurring sample.
9. Except for carbon, these do not conduct electricity and can be found in all three states of
11. This second group on the periodic table contains radium which is radioactive.
14. This group had to change its name because they can be forced to react.
16. The transition metals and inner transition metals are NOT a part of this group
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