Night :C. 6 & 7 Name: Guided Reading Questions Chapter 6: pp. 85

Night :C. 6 & 7
Guided Reading Questions
Chapter 6: pp. 85-97
1. Describe the extreme conditions the prisoners face during the march from Buna.
2. Death is a powerful presence during the march. Quote two pieces that speak to
death’s presence.
3. To what extent do you think Elie having his father with him allowed him to survive
the march? Quote evidence as support.
4. Why does Juliek play Beethoven’s concerto?
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Chapter 7: pp. 98—103
1. a. What did they do with the dead bodies on the cattle wagon?
b. How did the prisoners react to this? Why?
c. What theme does this connect to ? Explain.
2. a. What happens when a SS office throws a small crust of bread to a group of
3. Where do they arrive at the end of the chapter?