Topic 4: Legacies of the War Unit 10: World War II

Name: ______________________
Block ______________
Date: ________________
Unit 10: World War II
Topic 4: Legacies of the War
US Minorities in the War
Minority units in general suffered high casualty rates and won many medals for
A. ______________ _____________
begin to push for ________________society and fair hiring practices. During
WWII blacks served in segregated units
and were assigned to non-combat roles.
They demanded and got combat roles.
The _________________
____________served bravely in Europe
C. _____________ ______________were not segregated and served well.
B. Asian Americans were treated with
distrust, but _____________ units
served w/ distinction (_________
D.___________ ____________ –
“Codetalkers” _____________is an
oral language, not a written language,
so it was impossible for the Japanese
to decode.
The conduct of countries during the war
A. Rules: The ___________________________________- Tried to ensure the
humane treatment of prisoners of war (POW) by establishing rules for nations to
 Japan did not follow these rules and was brutal to US prisoners of war.
 _________________________________- US prisoners from the Philippines –
thousands died.
B. How a nation treats POW's often reflects the values and moral codes of a country
(Japanese soldiers often ___________________________________ rather than be
captured). Democracies tend to value people more so they usually treat prisoners
of war better.
C. Treatment may also depend on how ________________ the war is - In Europe the
rules of the _________________________________ were usually followed but in
the Pacific where the battles were more savage they usually were not.
D. ______________________- Often wars lead to_____________________– The
systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial, political, religious, or cultural
group. Germany developed the ______________________________
_______________ and the______________ believed in a superior master
_________ race (Blue eyed & blond hair) and sought to ____________ Germany and
the world by getting rid of anyone they hated:
1. The ___________ (Hitler said they caused the ________________________
w/greedy fiscal policies - Many Jews were involved w/ banking)
2. ____________, ___________, and _______________- Genetically inferior
3. ____________________- Homosexuals, mentally ill & political dissidents
(trouble makers). Not meant to live because they were physically or mentally
______________ to the Aryan race
E. Results of the Holocaust
________________________________ after the war - Nazi's were convicted of
________________________(Some were put to death). Those convicted were not
allowed to use “I was just following orders” as an excuse.
Due the holocaust there was increased pressure for a _____________
______________ in the Middle East (_____________)
What do you feel are the most important legacies of the war that remain today? Consider topics
from across the unit: America’s position in the world (isolation vs intervention), the role of
government in Americans’ lives, the role and acceptance of minority groups, Americans’
willingness to sacrifice for a cause, etc. How much has America changed since WWII?