Night Quote Project

By: Sean Santerre & Dmitry Ignatyuk
The Jewish are separated into groups of men and women, also being
separated from their families, many believing that they are being separated
into groups to be exterminated.
The group of Jews spot the towering burning chimneys where many can only
expect is the sign of death for them to come when they reach inside the camp.
Throughout the long, miserable nights death not only took people's
lives but other people's will to survive, belief in their religion, and hope
in their dreams.
Among the men hung and killed in the gallows, death also claims
another victim recognized by Elie known as God himself.
"The last night in Buna.Yet another last night. The last night at home, the
last night in the ghetto, the last night in the train, and, now, the last night
in Buna. How much longer were our lives to be dragged out from one 'last
night' to another? "
Death stalked and followed all the Jewish as they awaited their death
every night not knowing when it would take their lives.
"We were masters of nature, masters of the world. We had
forgotten everything--death, fatigue, our natural needs. Stronger
than cold or hunger, stronger than the shots and the desire to die,
condemned and wandering, mere numbers, we were the only men
on earth."
Nothing matters to the prisoners anymore except surviving. They are so close
to being liberated that they can't give up even in the harshest of weather. Their
human instinct to survive is coming into play.
"How could I forget that concert, given to an
audience of dying and dead men!"
None of the prisoners had emotions when anything was said to them, they
would just stand motionless. They had been mentally scarred.
"When they withdrew, next to me were two
corpses, side by side, the father and the
son. I was fifteen years old."
The sight of dead bodies scared Elie for life and he was able to remember
exactly how old he was because it was such a strong image.
"We were all going to die here. All limits had
been passed. No one had any strength left.
And again the night would be long."
It seems that Elie wanted to give up on trying because of all the death he has
seen. At his age he doesn't know how to handle this but tries to live day by
day hoping to be saved
"After my father's death, nothing
could touch me anymore."
It would be devastating if Elie lost his father because he was Elie's driving
force and without him Elie wouldn't know what to do.
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