Prisons - video question sheet, `Crime & Punishment`

Tony Robinson’s ‘Crime & punishment’
Start of clip -10:20
1. What radical new idea did Jeremy Bentham suggest?
2. Why were public hangings failing as a deterrent by the 1830s?
3. How were lesser criminals to be reformed?
4. What was so different about Pentonville prison?
5. How many prisoners could it house?
6. How were prisoners treated?
7. What sorts of jobs did prisoners do?
8. What effect did prison life have on some prisoners?
9. Why were hangings moved behind the prison walls?
Extension questions
10. How did prison life reflect the ideas of the time?
11. Why do you think the British lock up more people than any other country in Europe?
12. Do you think there is any evidence to suggest that prisons are harsher now than they
were in Victorian times?