Course Introduction Video Questionnaire

Course Introduction Video Questionnaire
An introduction video is a great way for students to connect with you and the
course content. The video provides instructor information and a course overview.
It is the first thing your students will see when visiting the Blackboard course site
and is available for viewing only to enrolled students. The instructor typically
narrates the video, but this is not a requirement.
As stated in the video guidelines, video length is ideally two minutes or fewer. If
you have more information than can fit within this guideline, consider preparing a
separate document titled “About This Course.” Then, within the script, reference
the document and its location within the Blackboard course site.
Begin preparing your introduction script by populating the questionnaire below.
The QMS citation at the end of each question refers to the Quality Matters
Standards, a rubric for online course design. Your ODL faculty contact can
provide you with more information about this rubric.
Course number: ___________________________________________
Course title: ___________________________________________
Prerequisite courses: ___________________________________________
Instructor name and title: ___________________________________________
Instructor contact info: ___________________________________________
TA contact info: ___________________________________________
Location of syllabus: ___________________________________________
Core Expectations
1. What experience in the field would you like to share with your students? Feel
free to talk about credentials and/or past academic/work experience. QMS 1.8
2. What are the learning objectives posted within the course site? List and give
details. How do students access the objectives? QMS 2.3
3. Describe the structure of the course (e.g., eight units, each covering a
geographic region, etc.). How do you plan on teaching the course? QMS 1.2
4. Describe the course and how it uses face-to-face or synchronous participation
within the course.
5. What are the opportunities during the course for students to apply learned
material in individual or group projects? QMS 5.2
6. What software/hardware requirements exist beyond the guidelines established
by FSU/FAMU? What software/hardware options exist that may enhance the
course experience, but aren’t required? QMS 4.6
7. What weekly tasks are expected or required (e.g., assigned readings, posting
to discussion board, video reports, etc.)? What study/participation habits would
prepare students to do well in the course?
8. Is there a textbook? If so, please provide the citation(s). What other resources
and materials are required for success in the course? Are there alternative
affordable options? QMS 4.3 and 4.6
9. What are your expectations regarding the amount of hours required per week
for students to do well in the course? How might a student get an A?
10. How often are assessments given? What information can you provide about
midterm/final exams and assessments? Will exams be proctored?
11. Describe the level of support that the program department/school/college
provides for online students? QSM 7.1
12. How do students proceed within the course? What can they complete
immediately following this course introduction that helps them get started in the
course? QSM 1.1
13. How can students introduce themselves to you and their classmates? What
are the requirements for student interaction within the course? QSM 1.8 and 5.4