Answers to Benchmark Study Guide 1. Nomadic, hunter

Answers to Benchmark Study Guide
1. Nomadic, hunter-gatherers, migrated for food
2. Created, compiled a written code of law
3. They believe and worship one god- Monotheistic
4. Attacked by invaders from the north; civil unrest; weak leaders; economic collapse
5. The Silk Roads
6. Massive Road Network
7. honor your ruler, honor your father, & honor your elders
8. Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah and your job to spread the religion but Jews don’t believe
the Messiah exists or that religion is not spread to others
9. The Chinese idea that you ruled as long as you kept the god’s favor
10. He created a written code of law, which we model today
11. Loss of trade routes, loss of the territory to the ottomans and Constantinople was attacked by the
12. A Citadel
13. Battle of Thermopylae
14. He spread Greek culture throughout Asia
15. What are the characteristics of most river valley civilizations?
Settled along water
Produced a surplus of food
Developed a written language
Division of labor
Large scale urban development
Organized governement