Taking a Test in Blackboard Checklist

Taking a Test in Blackboard Checklist
Before the Test:
□ Review the Blackboard Software and Hardware Recommendations
(http://www.portalinfo.utoronto.ca/Faculty___Staff/SelfHelp/Computer___Hardware_Requirements.htm) web site to check that
your system is compatible with Blackboard
□ Verify that the browser you will use is certified by Blackboard, Inc. for
your computer's operating system at (http://main.rcat.utoronto.ca/portal/).
□ Remove ‘Adware,’ spyware, and viruses from your computer
□ If you want to resize or refresh the browser window, do it before you start
the test
□ Turn off third- party browser extensions, toolbars, etc.
□ Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off
□ Use a desktop with landline internet connection (no wireless, no satellite)
□ Just before the test, log out and log back into Blackboard
□ Use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (IE 6 only) browsers for the test
□ Only one browser window open unless otherwise specified by instructor
□ Do practice test if made available by professor
***Note: Desktop computers on campus are the best place to take a test as they
are already set up to run Blackboard tests and computing services can verify and
help with any technical problems.
When taking the test:
□ When opening the test, click the link ONLY ONCE and wait for it to load,
be patient
□ Use Blackboard navigation buttons, DO NOT use browser ‘back’ and
‘forward’ buttons
□ Save the test periodically using the ‘Save’ button
□ Click Submit ONLY ONCE, be patient
February 5, 2009
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If you encounter a problem during the test:
If you are taking a test off-campus and experience a problem, please provide the
following information to [email protected]:
Course code
Date and time problem occurred
Brief description of the problem
Operating system used (Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, etc.)
Browser used and version (e.g., IE 6, Firefox 3.0.3)
Screenshot if possible (Alt + Print Screen)
If you experience a problem while taking a test from a computer on campus
ALSO provide:
□ location of the computer (e.g., Library electronic classroom, Library
information commons)
□ number on the computer (e.g., LIBPC-12) which is located on the monitor
of the computer being used
If you have time, you can also drop by the Tech Centre on the third floor of the
library next to the Academic Skills Centre and staff can help you with your
Blackboard issue in person.
These guidelines have been adapted with permission from College of DuPage.
February 5, 2009
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