eLearning Syllabus - CASD

eLearning Syllabus
In this course, you will learn how to be a successful student when taking online courses. In the future there is a
very good chance that you will be taking courses online instead of in a physical classroom with a teacher. This
class is geared to prepare you for that situation. I realize that this may be difficult to get used to so we are
going to take it slow and try to do as much as we can online. But if you ever need any help, please do not
hesitate to raise your hand. I will be happy to help you.
Class Materials: You will need to bring a pen or pencil every day and you will be given a folder for note taking.
Grading Policy: All assignments are given a point value. You can determine your grade by points earned by
possible points. Grades will be updated in HomeLogic weekly.
Overview of Course:
Unit 1 – Blackboard Introduction
What is Blackboard and how is it used for learning?
Topics covered include familiarizing yourself with Blackboard and starting your class.
Unit 2 – Using Blackboard
How do you participate in an eLearning course using Blackboard?
Topics covered include receiving and submitting assignments, taking tests, and checking grades.
Unit 3 – Internet Safety
How do you use the Internet safely?
Topics covered include cyberbullying, protecting your computer, and protecting yourself.
Unit 4 – Using the Internet Effectively
How do students effectively find online resources, evaluate them, and use them?
Topics covered include how to use a search engine, how to evaluate online resources, and copyrights.
Grading Scale
A = 92-100%
B = 84-91%
C = 74-83%
D = 65-73%
F = 64 and below
Class Rules
The Four P’s = Polite, Prompt, Prepared, and Positive
Food, gum, or drink is not permitted in the lab.
Print only when you have permission or it is part of the assignment.
Leave computer controls as they are (screen color, volume, office assistant, etc.)
If there is a problem with the computer, please raise your hand and let the teacher know.