DHL Freight Listens to its Customers to Continuously Improve

DHL Freight Listens to its Customers to Continuously
February 28, 2013
A Customer Satisfaction program in Major European markets Further Strengthens DHL
Freights Customer-Focused Culture.
Exceptional service excellence has always been very much instilled in DHLs DNA something
that sets it apart from its competitors and DHL Freight aims to continuously improve by
listening to the voice of its customers.
Based on extensive customer feedback, DHL Freight worked on the Customer Satisfaction
program in all its major markets across Europe. The country organizations defined individual
Improvement Agendas to meet the customers’ expectations regarding different ’touchpoints’.
Focus improvement areas, which were identified in most countries in 2012, included ease of
access, dealing with complaints or exceptional situations such as delayed deliveries, and
increasing professionalism of Customer Service.
The way countries address these topics varied from new customer service set-ups and customer service training in some countries to implementation of new claim process tools in
In Finland for example, the customer satisfaction program included specialist trainings (12
one-day courses) and Customer Service trainings over five one-day courses. They received
full in-house training (a combination of theory, workshops, and terminal visits) with crossfunctional trainers and were able to review all key DHL Freight activities from a customer
In Poland, there were a number of improvements after employee-training programs were
carried out, especially in the areas of complaint handling, claims, exception management
and Track & Trace capabilities. A new structured claim process led to a reduction in claims
resolution time from 13.6 days in January 2012 to 7.4 days in November 2012.
Reflecting DHL Freights close collaboration amongst all European markets, all countries in
the DHL Freight network are exchanging, sharing and communicating Best Demonstrated
We are listening to our customers carefully and we encourage them to give us feedback sometimes we are convinced that DHL Freight is already there but then the customers would tell
us exactly where we need to be quicker, where to fine tune our processes and how we can
simplify their lives. And, our Customer Satisfaction program gives us a structure to handle
the feedback. explains Annika Scharbert, Business Intelligence Manager, DHL Freight.
DHL Freights planned approach this year is to improve customer two-way communication
and powering Customer Service processes to new heights. The newly formed Transformation
Team at DHL Freight Head Office will be managing these customer experience topics in 2013
from central perspective.
To find out more about DHLs focus on customer satisfaction, please contact Annika Scharbert, Business Intelligence Manager, at [email protected]
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