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Seventy percent of people in Nipissing District have low health literacy.
(Canadian Council on Learning 2008)
It is this statistic that forms the backbone of the “Ask Me 3” campaign.
The “Ask Me 3” program was designed to help patients educate themselves.
Helping patients understand the role they play in their own health care is an
important and essential aspect of achieving positive health outcomes. Patients
are anxious, and at times unable to ask the right questions about their diagnosis or
There are also benefits to you as a health care provider. They include a decrease in
the number of return visits, and an increase in both provider and patient
satisfaction, and safety.
We will be following up this letter with “Ask Me 3” posters and supporting
information materials to health care providers in September. They will be displayed
in a place where they will be easily seen. The posters will encourage patients to
ask three questions:
1. What is my main problem?
2. What do I need to do?
3. Why is it important for me to do this?
Thank you in advance for supporting this program. By encouraging your patients to
ask these questions you will be helping them to develop a better understanding of
their health.
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