Cellular respiration poem

Cellular Respiration
By: Terra Lomber
breaking down food is Cellular respiration
producing ATP has no duration
With Glucose and oxygen you have reactants
Oh but a myth it isnʼt
they make energy, carbon dioxide, and water
Glycolysis, the splitting of sugars is first
The Krebs cycle is chemical reactions
no worries they donʼt burst
Lastly you have electron transport chain
Vastly producing energy when grouping reactions
The Mitochondria makes energy
Canʼt handle any mistakes
Glucose is used to produce ATP
This process is key
ATP brings things to happen
ATP is energy
ATP provides energy to start cellular respiration
Now I feel pretty smart
Cellular respiration needs energy as help
Donʼt worry energy production is to the rescue
Thats all about cellular respiration
Your done!