eLibrary Classic

eLibrary Classic
Research Made Easy
eLibrary Classic™ is the
easiest-to-use web reference
tool for learners of all ages.
The intuitive interface makes
research easy for the novice
user, yet is powerful enough
for an experienced searcher.
Search more than
600 magazines and
newspapers using
natural language or
Boolean query
Built with your
researchers in mind
eLibrary Classic, with more than 600
magazine and newspaper titles—as
well as TV, radio, and government
transcripts, books and reference
collections, photographs and images,
and maps—contains millions of
documents, all displayed in 100
percent full text.
Using eLibrary Classic’s natural
language and Boolean searches,
researchers can type a question,
phrase, or key word. They can sort
their results by relevance, date, file size,
reading level, publication, or source.
And they can view, print, or email any
document or image in one easy step.
eLibrary Classic makes it easy to build
the research skills necessary for
academic success.
Select from
six different
media types
Quality information
from six
media types
eLibrary Classic sample content
Use “Go to the best part” to find a
search term within a document
Track trends and current events
with newspaper searches
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easy-to-use interface.
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Reference Works
Monarch Notes
Webster’s New World Dictionary
World Almanac
World Book Encyclopedia
World Fact Book
Sort search results to determine
appropriateness (sorting by
relevance, date, reading level,
and more)
60 Minutes
ABC Nightline
Congressional Testimony
Talk of the Nation (NPR)
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Search across six different media
types in one query
The Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Christian Science Monitor
Dallas Morning News
Los Angeles Times
Novedades (Mexico)
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GeoSystems Maps
Use natural language searching to
find answers by simply asking a
Search millions of full-text
documents—quickly and easily
With eLibrary
Classic, your
researchers can:
Hispanic Times Magazine
The New Republic
U.S. News & World Report
AIMS Multimedia
Reuters Toppix News and Sports
Archive Photos
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