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Research made easy
eLibrary™—the affordable and user-friendly general reference tool—is the perfect resource
for delivering full-text and multimedia reference essentials.
A starting point for
student inquiry
eLibrary features a new, updated
user interface designed to make
research easy. Students find the
answers they need from more than
1,000 full-text magazines,
newspapers, reference books, and
transcripts, plus thousands of
pictures and maps.
It provides schools with powerful,
compelling resources for extending
and reinforcing student learning and
achievement at all levels. By using
the database, educators can
integrate technology effectively into
the curriculum—increasing
technology literacy for all users.
These attributes and others meet
NCLB requirements, qualifying for
purchase through funds such as Title
II-D and IV-B.
Using natural language or Boolean
search, students can type a question,
phrase, or keyword. Students may
also search or browse by topic or
publication. They can sort their
results by relevance, date, file size,
reading level, publication, or source.
And they can create marked lists, or
view, print, or email any document or
image in one easy step.
Other search features in eLibrary help
save time and make research easier.
The Reference Desk offers a place to
start the research process. The
BookCart feature allows educators
to build persistent links to eLibrary
content—creating reading lists, topic
pages, lesson plans, and more.
eLibrary makes it easy to build
the research skills necessary for
academic success.
"The simplicity of use for student information searches and the document sort feature make eLibrary a good basic tool for a school. Highly recommended."
Alice Kurtz, "Product Reviews," MultiMedia Schools, Nov/Dec 2002: 56
Quality information from
seven media types eLibrary
sample content
With eLibrary, your
students can:
Access more than 1,000 full-text
magazines, newspapers,
transcripts, and reference books
Examine a variety of media
types including streaming audio
and video, web links, maps, and
Navigate an easy-to-use
interface that engages and
motivates learners
Incorporate multimedia
information to enrich projects
and research
Select from multiple search
strategies that benefit all levels
of research skills and needs
Sort search results to determine
appropriateness (sorting by
relevance, date, reading level,
and more)
Find relevant, appropriate
instructional material quickly
using educator-created
Go “To the best part” to find
the most relevant portion of
an article
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We offer product support materials
and workshops to help schools
effectively integrate bigchalk
resources into the curriculum. Most
materials are included as part of a
yearly subscription. We can also
work with schools and districts to
tailor workshops for professional
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About K-12 Resources
Career World
Current Health
Current Science
The Economist
History Today
Library Journal
People en Espanol
U.S. New & World Report
The World & I
The Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Christian Science Monitor
Los Angeles Times
The Washington Post
Reference Works
The Hutchinson Dictionary of
World History
The Hutchinson Encyclopedia
Stack of Decades
Webster’s New World Dictionary
World Almanac
K-12 resources from ProQuest
Information and Learning unite high
quality content, standards-based
curriculum, and online technologies—
providing resources wherever learning
takes place. We offer complete
programs of content, professional
development, and support that put the
power of technology where it
belongs—in your hands.
We advocate the widespread,
integrated, sustained, and effective
(WISE) use of technology in K-12
education. Our resources help
schools deliver on the promise of
technology to develop educators’
skills and improve student
60 Minutes
CBS Evening News
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Agence France Presse
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Earth Life Forms
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The Hutchinson Dictionary of Music
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