CH 15 HW

CP Biology Chapter 15 Review
Sect I: Vocabulary (13 words)
Sect: Key Points
1. Why did Darwin publish his evolutionary hypothesis and not his evolutionary
2. Why is Evolution now properly called a theory?
3. What 3 types of evidence did Darwin collect to support his hypothesis?
4. What did Darwin believe was the reason for the changes in the organisms on the
different Galapagos Islands? What did he call it?
5. How did Hutton’s description of Earth forces support the theory of gradualism?
6. Describe how Lyell’s contribution to the discussion of evolution steered the
development of paleontology.
7. How does the belief in catastrophism differ from that of gradualism?
8. How does Lamark differ in his postulates from that of a person that speaks of
9. What is the “use and disuse” hypothesis? Why is it not possible in terms of our
modern view of heredity?
10. Has Malthus’ prediction of human overpopulation come true? Explain why or
why not.
11. Create a Venn diagram and contrast artificial selection and natural selection.
12. How did Darwin use the practice of artificial selection to later support his idea of
natural selection?
13. What did Darwin mean when he coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”
14. Relate the following terms: fitness, adaptation and natural selection.
15. What are some of the pressures that select for individuals in nature?
16. How does competition lead to natural selection?
17. What is the difference between intra and inter species competition?
18. What is meant by the idea of descent with modification?
19. List 4 pieces of evidence that support the idea of descent with modification
(evolution). Briefly describe each.
20. Explain how organisms that are completely unrelated can have similar physical
Section III: Problems (a:answer form)
Pg. 389 Q:1-10
Pg. 391 Q:1-10