LTS Summer Reading Program

LTS Summer Reading Program
Question sheet
Grades 6, 7, & 8
Grade ______
Date _____________
Book title______________________________________________
Author_________________________________ Pub. Date _________
Please answer the questions fully in your own handwriting on LINED PAPER. This sheet should be
used for brainstorming and organizing ideas only. Be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation and
sentence structure.
What is the setting (time AND place) of the story?
Who are the main characters (protagonist and antagonist)? Describe them briefly.
Which character in the book appeals to you the most? Explain.
What is the inciting incident (that event that introduces the central conflict in the story)?
What are the conflicts in the story?
What is the climax in the story (in other words, that high point in the latter part of the book where a
decision is made that affects the outcome of the story)?
What is the resolution of the story (in other words, how is the central conflict ended)?
What is a theme of the story (in other words, the author’s message or central idea)?