Be Money Smart

Be Money Smart
If you’re a trainee or apprentice you’re
developing critical skills for the future, and
many apprentices will go on to become self
employed and run their own business, and
maybe even become an employer
themselves. And that’s wonderful.
But if you want to be your own boss, guess
what? You need good money management
skills. And I’m pleased the government has
put together a package of online financial
literacy training, that’s pitched inparticular at apprentices and
It’s called Be Money Smart. It’s designed to help people doing
vocational training and education to improve their understanding of
tax, super, debt management and budgeting.
The idea is it’ll help trainees and apprentices make better financial
decisions and develop strong money skills, not just when they’re
training, but throughout their careers.
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Source: ASIC media release: 15-069MR Money management help for VET students, 31
March 2015